General Questions

Can I add other ingredients other than salt and water?
No, you should not add other ingredients other than salt and water as it will not improve performance; and may generate harmful substances or affect the sterilization ability.
Does Egret gives out smell under operation?
You may notice a slight “swimming pool smell” from Egret, as chlorine water is generated after electrolyzing the salt and water.
How long does the EO water last for?
EO water will last for 4 days before losing the sterilization ability. You should pour out the expired water and add new salt and water to generate active EO water again.
Do I need to wear protective gloves when using Egret?
No, EO water is a non-toxic solution so it is perfectly safe to use Egret without wearing gloves.
Can I use Egret to clean fruit and vegetables?
Yes, Egret can remove dirt and pesticides, but please rinse under running water before consuming.
Can I use Egret on baby products and pet toys?
Yes, Egret sprays non-toxic solution so it can be used for cleaning baby and pet products.
What to do if Egret doesn’t electrolyze?
Solution: A – Check the electrode setting screw. If loosen, remove bottle and tighten the bolt with screwdriver. B – Check battery level, please recharge if needed.
What to do when there is slow “fogging” effect?
Solution: A – Please make sure adequate amount of salt is added to the solution, especially if distilled water is used. B – Check if electrode is stained, clean electrode with plastic/nylon brush (do not use metal brush as this may damage it!)
What to do if I cannot switch on Egret?

Solution: A – Check battery level, recharge if needed. B – Reboot after recharging.

How much salt do I need to add to Egret?

5g of salt should be added to 800ml of water (full capacity of Egret)

Can I use Egret on cars?

Egret can decompose TVOC and PM2.5 and other harmless molecules inside the car.

Can Egret decompose the smell in newly furniture?

Yes, Egret can decompose the smell in newly furniture.

How to know when it is time to change the electrode?

The electrode is designed for regular use 3 times per day for 3 years. Therefore, we suggest to replace after 3 years

How long does Egret can be used after fully charged?

Egret can be used for 6-8 hours continuously after fully charged.

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